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NullDev is a small software development company focusing on Desktop-Programs, Web-Development, Android-Apps and Server-Management. We program with passion and love to solve problems. Code - Develop - Test - Debug - Repeat.

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A brief overview of the subjects we're focusing on.

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Desktop Programs

We develop mostly Windows, but also

Un*xUn*x = "Unix Like".
E.g: Linux
programms. Our preferred language here is C#. We are specialized in Logical & Algorithmic programming. No matter what's needed, from small installer utilities to big-data or logical programs - we can do it.

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Android Apps

Coding applications for any platform running Android is one of our specialties as well. We do not have a minimum

API-LevelMinimum required Android Version for running an App.
requirement for apps. Mostly, we use Java and C# [
XamarinXamarin is a tool to build native apps for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase
] for development but if requested, we can use JavaScript with PhoneGap.

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Web Design/Development

Need a new website? No problem! We write single styles, whole websites or Web-Applications. Server- and Clientside! It doesn't matter if you want a simple website, a forum with a big community, a huge network or a backend with

REST APIA "Representational state transfer" (REST) Endpoint is a webservice for providing info and data to other systems. Visit for more info
Endpoint. Our languages here are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, jQuery and PHP. But
CMSCMS = "Content Management System". E.g: Blogging or Forum Software.
like Wordpress are no problem either!

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Server Management

We set up full server systems including

WebserverWe mostly use Nginx
FileserversFTP (File Transfer Protocol) Servers
Remote-DesktopRDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Servers. For seeing the actual desktop screen of the server
MailserversIncluding SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Servers, POP3 (Post Office Protocol) Servers and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Servers
or just plain Root servers over
SSH"Secure Shell" (SSH) provides a remote connection to a server
. Also, we fix servers if they do not behave like they should/used to, or if something simply won't work. However we do not operate Windows Servers.

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Hosting Solutions

    Comming Soon    

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Looking for something else?

If you are missing something here, have questions or want to make a custom request which is not listed here, feel free to contact us!

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What we did, do and will do.

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